"The Tassel" by William D. Albright


"The Tassel"
William D. Albright

Suspending gently from the mortarboard
Adorning the right side of the face
My strands flowing freely like the accompanying gown
As the achiever assumes the rightful place

Amongst those of the past and of the present
Who have struggled to pass a rigorous test
I symbolize a feat and major accomplishment
Or to some a clear distinction of success

To continue to pursue a path of life
Though not certain what it has in store
I’m garnished in an abundance of different hues
Signifying the attainment of so much more

Than there would be if I had not been worn
Not only in knowledge but also in pride
I’m caressed by a hand that shifts me to the left
Of a face with a smile that will not hide

And having performed my task for the day
Adorning now the picture on the shelf
Or possibly the rearview mirror in a car
Or placed neatly in an album to recall one’s self

I’m visited at times by my proud achiever
To remember the day that we first met
And that smile appears as it did that day
A day that neither of us will forget.