Academic Dress (Regalia)

Academic dress at GW varies by degree type.

We will celebrate the Classes of 2020 and 2021 in person on the National Mall on Saturday, October 2 at 11 a.m. Please see below to order regalia, announcements, and more.

Ordering Regalia

Bachelor or Master Regalia

For purchase only. Rentals are not available for bachelor's or master's candidates.

  • Order regalia online (direct ship to home) until September 10, 2021. 

Doctoral Regalia Custom Purchase

Custom doctoral regalia purchases take approximately six weeks from the time of purchase for manufacturing and shipping. Alternatively, standard doctoral regalia can be rented without this lead time.

  • Order regalia online (direct ship to home) until August 17, 2021.

Doctoral Regalia Rental

Rental includes SMHS-Health Sciences and M.D.

  • Order regalia online (direct ship to home) until September 10, 2021.

J.D. Regalia Rental

  • Order regalia online (direct ship to home) until August 13, 2021.

Regalia Purchase and Rental Costs*



July 31 - September 10, 2021

Bachelor & Master Regalia  
Bachelor's Gown & Cap with Tassel
Master's Gown, Hood & Cap with Tassel
Doctoral Rental Regalia
Doctoral Gown, Hood, Tam with Tassel
SMHS-M.D. Gown, Hood & Tam  with Gold Tassel $131.00
Doctoral Custom Purchase Regalia (6-8 Week Delivery); $100 savings until Aug 17,  Promo Code: GW0817
Doctoral Custom Gown, Hood, Tam with Gold Bullion Tassel $893.40
GW Custom Stole $29.00
Kente Stole $35.95
Bicentennial 2021 Stole $45.00
Souvenir Year-date Tassel $10.00
Law - Rental

Order online until August 13, 2021

* Prices are subject to change.

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