Journey Through GW

To celebrate the Class of 2023, unique photo opportunities for graduates are being created throughout Foggy Bottom campus. These installations will be available from May 15 through 25. We hope that you can stop by to snap a few photos of your favorite campus spots!

Share your grad photos on social media using #GWCommencement.


Map showing Journey through GW photo op locations in Foggy Bottom

2023 Commencement Photo Ops

1. Decorated clock & Tempietto in Kogan
2. Cutout George in the University Student Center
3. "2023" in the G Street park
4. "GW" letters on 22nd and I Street
5. Decorated entrance at Funger Hall
6. Banner outside of Gelman


Campus Landmarks

A. George Bust Statues
B. Toni Morrison's Bench by the Road near Lisner Auditorium
C. Kogan Gates
D. George Bench in Kogan
E. Fountain near Kogan
F. Tonic at Quigley’s Pharmacy
G. GW Deli
H. Lisner Hall


GW Tempietto with a Class of 2023 sign

Decorated Tempietto in Kogan Plaza

Cutout George at Smith Center

2023 letters on I street

2023 on I Street

Step and window decorations at Funger Hall

Funger Hall Decorations


Academic Buildings

Grab one last great shot with your academic building. Visit our Explore GW site for a more detailed map and info on campus buildings.


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Don't forget to Share your grad photos on social media using #GWCommencement.