Honorary Degree Nomination Form




Fill out this form as completely as possible. Only completed nominations will be considered.

In your rationale, please include compelling reasons why the university should honor this nominee at this time, keeping in mind the University’s criteria for awarding honorary degrees:

·         distinguished professional, scholarly, intellectual, or creative achievement

·         demonstrated interest in activities outside his/her chosen profession that contributes to the public good, including public service activities and/or philanthropy

·         connection to the George Washington University

Please attach a CV, resume or brief articles referencing the nominee's achievements.

Please do not attach any of the nominee's work (articles, research, artwork, etc.).  

Important note: Nominations are confidential and should not be discussed with nominees. While many distinguished people are nominated for honorary degrees, not all can be recognized. The President, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, invites individuals to receive honorary degrees.  

CV, resume, or brief articles referencing the nominee's achievements