Alumni Congratulate the GW Class of 2020

The Class of 2020 graduates in uncertain times, but they join a worldwide community of more than 300,000 alumni excited to welcome and support them. Watch as graduates from previous classes give congratulations and offer advice to the Class of 2020.


John-Carlos Estrada, Class of 2009

Nicole Brigandi, Class of 2005


James Zarsadiaz, Class of 2008

Hadas Gold, Class of 2010 and 2012


Pops Mensah-Bonsu, Class of 2006

Jane Wallis, Class of 2014


Christine Brown-Quinn, Class of 1992

Chuck Todd, NBC News


Daniel Suchenski, Class of 2008

Jerry Reinsdorf, Class of 1957 


Ari Massefski, Class of 2015

Elliot Bell-Krasner, Class of 2008


Sarah Catz, Class of 1977

Daniel Egel-Weiss, Class of 2015


Jason Blank, Class of 2002